Terms and Conditions -Please Read Carefully!

We normally cater only one event per day (Weddings, etc.)

Only a payment (unless otherwise arranged) and email confirmation from us will confirm an event.

All payments are non-refundable.

When we take your payment we commit our staff and equipment and have already invested time on your event.

These are real costs to our business.  


By purchasing goods or services from Blue Wind Gourmet, you agree to the following:

Previous experiences with customers have necessitated the following conditions
and must be clearly understood and agreed upon to insure a positive experience for everyone:
Blue Wind Gourmet is licensed and inspected by the board of health to do catering,
while using BWG equipment and staff.

Blue Wind Gourmet does not hold a liquor license to serve alcoholic beverages off- premises.

Blue Wind Gourmet’s staff (while working for BWG) is not allowed
to serve any type of alcoholic beverages, set up bars, deliver or even touch any alcohol.

Blue Wind Gourmet is not responsible for any damages or losses to business or personal property caused by any contractors/subcontractors.  This includes any staff recommended or employed by Blue Wind Gourmet who are not directly working for BWG at the time any such damage is incurred.

The stated policies may change without notice.  Any email or verbal communication from employees/management/owners does not override stated website policies. 

Please note:  If you have chosen to use a contractor/subcontractor or hire a Blue Wind employee when purchasing goods or services from Blue Wind, you agree to the following:

-BWG is not responsible for managing/directing them or their performance

-BWG staff members working directly for you are not insured or bonded.

-All monies exchanged should be reported to proper agencies.

-Any damages, injuries, etc., are not covered by any type of insurance 

-If you contract staff through BWG, that is, you pay BWG directly for the staff, the staff is insured.

Any breakage or damage, that occurs (to rental dishes, equipment, and tents
supplied by BWG) as a result of the staff's actions will be covered.
Any breakage, damage, etc… to rental dishes, equipment, tents, event space, etc
not supplied by BWG will not be covered.

 BWG does not co-cater. All food must be provided by BWG.

We will not cook or serve food we don’t provide. We will not cater if any food is being provided from another source.
We do make some exceptions for certain items such as wedding cakes, beverages and things of that nature, if arranged and agreed upon in advance &
from a Board of Health Approved Source.)

Due to the required commitment of time, staff and products, we have found the following policy to be necessary:

Ensure that you confirm your e-mail order with a call to Blue Wind at 301-737-2714.

Customers must confirm the order they are placing from the regular published menu, or menu emailed from Blue Wind Gourmet staff,  with an e-mail from a personal email or corporate email account.  Customers are guaranteeing  payment for this order through their company and, also, are committing to be personally liable for payment for goods and services provided. All customers also agree to pay any/and or actual collection/legal/in-house accounting fees associated with the order/catering/service, etc. 

Customers are responsible for payment for orders, unless they cancel the order by email
and call 301-904-1795 and speak to Dana in-person, to confirm receipt of the email at least 48 hours prior to scheduled pick-up or delivery.

Thanks for your cooperation!