Payroll and Scheduling

Payroll - will always be distributed by close of business Friday night (for all the days it gets distributed early - please feel free to thank me!) If you want someone other than you to pick up your check -> contact me directly!  If any staff member hands a check to a non-staff person, we will have to change the payroll distribution system.
Please don't forget to claim your tips
If you leave the building for personal reasons - you should be clocked out

All staff taking a break during yoir shift will be paid and you will be able to eat (no cost to you) - If you don't know the menu 100% this is your time to learn it.

Do not drive your personal car/truck etc for business purposes - you will not be insured.

Please have all schedule requests to me by close of business on Thursday in email format  (a request - is a request), Verbal requests do not count!

I will try to email you with a definitive answer with in 48 hours of your request. Call me if this doesn't happen. Always request an email response!

Generally, I will have the Schedule done by Saturday lunch. I will Post it by Saturday close of business unless there is a catering customer that I have not heard from. Please see schedule notes below - any problems or questions come see me face to face after making an appointment outside of your work schedule.

If you can't be to work or need your shift covered - contact me with the name of who will be covering your schedule. Please work as a team to cover each others schedules etc. Always try to have someone with the same experience that you have or better. Thanks for working as a team and putting a great product out.

Remember that your shift STARTS when it is listed on the schedule.  Not for you to roll in around that time, pamper yourself in the bathroom for 10 minutes, and finally be ready to work 15 minutes after you shift was supposed to start.  Thank you for showing the professionalism that makes us successful