Mission Statement 

At Blue Wind we:

Produce high quality products & exceed customer expectations

Thank every customer. You are the reason we have a job!

Use earth-friendly packaging made from sugarcane and other natural materials which are biodegradable & compostable.

 Have the smallest carbon foot print possible on the land and watershed

 Find the highest quality beverages available and provide a wide variety of tastings to satisfy our customers’ diverse palates

 Are the cleanest restaurant in town

 Support independent businesses

 Buy local when ever possible

 Are individuals and our customers are also. Diversity, free-thinking and sharing of ideas is why we live in America.

(Yes, every sandwich should be uniform but the people making them should not.)

 Believe fresh is always best

 At Blue Wind we KNOW:

 All great wines probably have a good story.

Bourbon is made in Kentucky.

Scotch is the joyous rebellion of a long-oppressed people.


If we do not meet or exceed the above philosophy, please call Dana's cell phone. Just ask for her business card.